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Why Advertise?

I Got You Know Who I Am, Didn't I?

Every business owner, large or small is faced with how to manage their product, growth and quality of service.  Unfortunately, it's not enough!  It's not enough for you to have a complete knowledge of your product, unless you tell people about it.

More often than not, most business owners neglect the most powerful tool for running a successful business; marketing and advertising.  It's usually the first thing that gets tossed when your squeezing the budget.  However, marketing and advertising are the main elements that separate a business that's bristling with activity from the business who is on life support.

Here are a few simple points to think about when you ask yourself, Why Advertise?:

  • Heighten consumer awareness of your product or service

  • Increase traffic to your business and website

  • Increase sales

  • Separate yourself from the competition

  • Build your brand recognition

  • Sell off excessive inventory

  • Their are always new customer to influence

  • It's always important to remind people where you are and what you do

  • If you don't advertise, and your competition does

Steve's Ten Commandments of Marketing

"Thou shall not keep your product or service a secret."

What Makes Effective Advertising?

Once you understand the value of advertising, you are halfway there.  Next you'll need to understand what methods work best for your message.  Advertising isn't always about who screams the loudest and reaches the most people, although that helps. Most business owners however are interested in spending their advertising budget carefully so as to get a strong response from a particular demographic.

  • Effective Advertising should encourage someone to start doing something, or to stop doing something.

  • Effective Advertising is often a combination of creative communication and thoughtful application.  It has the ability to speak to the people you need to speak to in inventive ways.

  • Effective Advertising has the power to get consumers excited about what you're putting in front of them.  It can make your product immediately available and attractive.

  • Effective Advertising has the ability to make a business or product seem established and grander in scale.  This will ultimately brand your business so that it stands out and fills a need.

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